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June 26, 2020

DRC has grieved tumultuous ups and downs over the course of its long history that springs back years ago. As was so often the case, with the coming of colonialism (in this case Belgians), the area’s wealth of resources led to conflict and systemic abuse, which, then independence in 1960, have continued to experience repercussions. Fortunately, the DRC is relishing a period of considerable peace and stability, even in the historically volatile east, and the growth of tourism is only helping to consolidate; its economic and cultural benefits clear.

And that’s prodigious news, as the DRC really is a spectacular country. There is a vast array of locations in the DRC for the discerning traveler. When you consider the fact that much of Africa’s most popular melody originates from the country, there’s amply of proof that the DRC isn’t solitary for nature-lovers and offers copiousness of cultural practices to immerse oneself in. Congo is a haven gifted with both mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas making it exceptional and a special place worth a visit.

Here are the activities done in the DRC

 Mountain Gorilla Trekking.

 Gorilla trekking is an extraordinary experience worthy to be    taken because of the existence of the primates in the Virunga national park. These apes are charming, friendly and smart to be amongst. They are subdivided into relational groups and carry different attributes like say the silver backs act as the leaders, the fully developed female gorillas as the caretakers and the youthful who are only mischievous and are at all times in the trees.



 Eastern LowlandGorilla Trekking

Like mountain gorillas, eastern lowland gorillas are peaceful and quite apes. They can roar, bark or   scream when the need arises. Though they never attack or become aggressive without provocation. Eastern lowland gorilla trekking is mainly done in Kahuzi Biega National park.

Wildlife Watching Experiences.


      Indeed, one of the best experiences, hiking the Nyiragongo volcano in Virunga national park presents you a big opportunity to view Wildlife, Lake Kivu provides a scenic recreation area with swimming and not forgetting that Virunga is a home to the endangered mountain gorillas.

Chimpanzee Tracking.

 In addition to mountain gorillas, Virunga national park is a home to chimpanzees and hence a best spot to trek these great apes. This chimp trekking activity is done in Mahura forest in Virunga with 6 people only allowed to visit the habituated family at a time.


Congo Bird Watching.

 Congo is an amazingly undiscovered destination for birding in Africa, among the unique offerings, Congo has over 1,139 bird species like the spectacular yellow billed barbet, grey throated barbets, short toed snake eagle, Congo serpent eagle, grey parrot, long tailed hawk and many more. All these highly concentrated in forest destination and around the water areas such as Virunga national park.

Congo Hiking tours.

This is one of the breathtaking activities done in Nyiragongo volcano, offering you a chance to view the beautiful landscapes.

There is a huge array of locations in the DRC for the observant traveler, extending from the vast urban sprawl of Kinshasa, with its high-end hotels and restaurants, to slighter conurbations like Goma in the east.

The DRC’s wilds, nonetheless, are decent enough to visit. The wildernesses and the foothills of the volcanic peaks are prominent for their primate populace, including the endemic eastern lowland gorilla, as well as okapi, giraffe and elephant, and the forests also bid an abundance of birdlife. It is a republic bursting with surprise.

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