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Gorilla Tracking in Uganda

April 21, 2020

A Gorilla safari in Uganda / gorilla trekking Uganda is an unforgettable lifetime memory experience. Gorilla trekking in Uganda is an amazing captivating search involving long walks following gorilla trails in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park majorly or Mgahinga National Park. An African safari in Uganda to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda deep in the heart of Africa’s most spectacular rainforests is a lifetime memory for every traveler that undertakes it. An Uganda gorilla trek trip in Bwindi forest can take anything from 15 minutes to 8 hours, depending on where the Uganda mountain Gorillas slept the previous night. At the end of each Gorilla trek in Uganda`s thick forested mountains, you will stay for only one hour photographing, admiring, learning, and interacting with these great mountains Gorillas or apes. An Uganda gorilla safari requires one to have a gorilla permit that is bought in advance to allow one track gorillas because only a maximum of eight people is allowed to search each gorilla group in Bwindi, and Mgahinga. Uganda has 14 mountain gorilla groups open to tourists and one spends only one hour observing these beautiful mountain Gorillas and taking photos.

No African safari is complete without seeing the Mountain Gorillas. Go on a gorilla safari in Uganda or Rwanda! Experience an unforgettable meeting with these gentle apes yourself!

Here is Our Short Gorilla Tracking Safari you can Purchase and you can join the Group as well

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A Gorilla in Uganda's Bwindi forest
Mountain Gorilla – Bwindi

When you are with the Gorillas:-

  1. A 7 meter (21 feet) distance should be tried to be observed at all times from the gorillas. The further back you are, the more relaxed the group will be.
  2. You must stay in a tight group whey you are near the gorillas.
  3. Keep your voices down at all times. However, it is okay to ask the guide questions.
  4. Do not smoke, drink, or eat when you are near the gorillas. Eating or drinking inevitably will increase the risk of food/drink morsels/droplets falling, which could increase the risk of transmission of diseases.
  5. Sometimes the gorillas charge. Follow the guides example (crouch down slowly, do not look the gorillas directly in the eyes and wait for the animals to pass). Do not attempt to run away because that will increase the risk.
  6. Flash photography is not permitted! When taking pictures move slowly and carefully.
  7. Do not touch the gorillas. They are wild animals.
  8. The maximum time you can spend with the gorillas is one hour. However, if the gorillas become agitated or nervous, the guide will finish the visit early.
  9. After the visit keep your voices down until you are 200 meters away from the gorillas.

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